Reconnecting with yourself, others and nature

On the edge of the town of Mamer, the new Liewen district is being developed on a three-hectare site under the gaze of a remarkable century-old tree. With 36 houses and 43 flats divided into four residences, this place favours a pleasant way of life, with the friendliness and peace of the countryside.


With a focus on the people who live there, Liewen offers high-quality individual and communal spaces, optimally integrated into the existing environment. Liewen also gives pride of place to nature, with omnipresent green spaces for a calm environment.







A green and sustainable environment, resolutely focused on nature

If Liewen is a great place to live, it is because nature occupies a central place within it. Built around a century-old tree with the aim of preserving this fine asset, the neighbourhood strikes a gentle balance between the mineral and the green, with numerous trees, gardens and other landscaped areas.



Hearing your children laugh outside and inventing
new stories

Liewen was designed with the focus of attention on human beings. To ensure comfort, user-friendliness and safety for all, many innovative concepts have been implemented.


Firstly, all users, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, share the same area, without distinction in terms of surface, with the aim of limiting car traffic. The parking spaces in the residences are quickly accessible, as soon as you enter the district, so that the rest of the site is reserved for soft mobility. Also, rigorous work has been carried out to avoid long linear perspectives, both in terms of buildings, streets and infrastructure. Everything is on a human scale, punctuated by harmonious recesses or by the placement of natural elements. This approach gives the project an organic character.


Two common squares, linked by a pedestrian walkway, contribute to the friendly atmosphere of the neighbourhood. The first, more mineral, is a meeting place, helping to develop a community. Its benches, of different heights, are invitations to stop, sit down and chat with neighbours. This square can host a food truck or ice cream parlour and can be transformed for neighbourhood festivals.

Le deuxième espace commun est dédié aux petits et aux familles. Plus vert, mettant en valeur l’arbre centenaire, il est à l’abri de toute circulation. Les éléments de l’aire de jeux invitent chacun à s’amuser tandis que les arbres fruitiers entretiennent le lien avec la nature. Avec la volonté de préserver ce patrimoine remarquable, le quartier établit un doux équilibre entre minéral et végétal, avec de nombreux arbres et jardins.


Liewen in 360°: Discover the two squares of the district in virtual tour!

Christine Muller
Christine Muller, Urbanist Architect Dewey Muller

A word from town planner Dewey Muller

"Urban planning meets certain basic quality criteria: respect for the existing topography, conservation and development of existing nature, a diverse mobility network giving priority to soft mobility, mixed housing, original public spaces (central village square, tree-shaded play area, tree-lined peripheral roads, car-free main alley, green fringes), a succession of view sequences and creatively-scaled spaces (i.e. not vast)."

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Adapt your living space as you want it

Flats 1 to 3 bedrooms in Penthouse

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Adapt your living space as you want it

Houses with garden, balcony, 2 to 3 bedrooms

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