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The privilege of a house in the city, open to nature

Are you looking for a house in the heart of a friendly neighbourhood, where you can take your time to enjoy life, connected to nature, but still close to the city and all its services?
Liewen's offer will hold your full attention!
The neighbourhood Liewen offers 36 houses for sale.

Designed with the utmost care, our houses offer large volumes and living spaces that open up to the outdoors. Thanks to our advisors, you can personalise your house and create a world that is uniquely yours.


Several types of housing with 3 and 4 bedrooms, can be adapted to the family needs.
Optimised and functional, these houses offer numerous storage possibilities (bicycle room, cellar, space for built-in cupboards).


The 4-bedroom houses include a large master suite on the second floor with a sleeping area, a bathroom, and a dressing room. They also include a rooftop terrace and a multi-purpose area that can accommodate an office, a reading area, or a fitness room, depending on your wishes.

Our houses are commercialised in two phases:

  • The first phase has already begun! Discover our 11 houses below (8 of which are at a moderate cost*).
  • La seconde phase sera lancée prochainement. Celle-ci proposera 25 maisons.
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Dwellings intended for persons who meet the conditions for the granting of construction or acquisition premiums provided for in the amended law of 25 February 1979.

Soyez les premiers à découvrir nos futures maisons (phase 2) qui seront commercialisées prochainement !

In the heart of the new eco-responsible neighbourhood Liewen, each of these 25 houses will offer you the space and garden to welcome your family.
To get a sneak preview, register by clicking on the button below.
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Carefully selected by our interior designers to create a custom-made interior with style and elegance. A palette of noble materials: oak floors, porcelain stoneware, high-end finishes and accessories, to create a sophisticated and timeless living environment.